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Creative Capital (CC) was born of a desire to harness creativity (arts, sciences, engineering and design) and its talents to meet challenges linked to the future of the economy and, more broadly, of society. 

Using an open innovation approach, we rely on alliances between stakeholders from a wide range of backgrounds. 


CC is structured around themes grouped into innovation studios. Its recipe is based on a design thinking methodology to generate cycles of foresight-experimentation-scaling of solutions.


David Santelli

Managing partner

Delphine Beauchamp

Partner & head of development

Patrick Dubé

Head of design & prospective

Myriam Tamisier

Studio Manager

Lara Hotyat

Studio Manager

Geneviève Puskas

Impact analyst

Céline Bouquerelle

Impact analyst



Creative Capital, based in the creative hub of Espace Rodier in Montreal, emerged around an innovation ecosystem that has notably given rise to La Piscine and L'Esplanade, Quebec's leading business accelerators in their respective fields: creativity, and social and environmental impact.

Le Rodier was developed as creative hub in 2019 by Rhizome group as a ...

and is the headquarter of few innovation infrastructures developed under the leadership of...


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